5th week

Great Ocean Road:

Sunset at the 12 Apolstels 04/04/17 This morning we tried again to find the Teddys Lockout and we did it - but had to walk. The street - we thought its the only one - up to the lockout was very steep, too steep for the 2CV. The view from there was the first look along that what the Great Ocean Road is famous for. Sad to say that we had bad weather. But a nice rainbow...
We continued our way with some stops for a view over the ocean and the coast. If you ever drive the Great Ocean Road and you pass by Kennett River you have head into town and enter the Grey Road. After a few hundert meter you can see koalas in wildlife. We enjoyed that!
Near Lavers Hill we left the GOR and went to a Treetopwalk. That means you walk in the height of about 45 meters along the trees on a boardwalk. That was amazing.
At the end of the day we reached the most famous spot in Victoria: The 12 Apostels. We stayed at the 12 Apostel Motel - which was for the location worth the money to stay. Very nice room with a countryview and only 2 km away from the coast. This made it possible to see the sunset - hidden behind the clouds.

GOR Part 2:

Flight with a heli cross the 12 Apostel 04/04/18 We woke up pretty early to see the sunrise but it was cloudy - so we stayed in bed a little longer. The weather was still bad with some short showers. We went again to the 12 Apostels, took a helicopter for a scenic flight and had later a longer walk there. Then we went down the Gibson Steps to the ocean. These big sandstone cliffs are really amazing - at least from the bottom.
Way west we visited a place called Loch Ard. 1878 a ship with this name got wrecked on the cliffes and only 2 of 54 people survived. These 2 where swept into a nice gorge.
A few 100 meters futher is a Blowhole - digged 200meter underneath inside land. At one place the roof of the tunnel broke and here you can see and hear the ocean.
Futher west - it's a must - the London Bridge. Till 1990 it was a bridge but on the 15. of januar it cracked and fell into the sea - left 2 tourist on the new island behind.
The night we spend in Beach Backpackers Hostel in Warrnamboll.

04/04/19 It's still cloudy but during the day it gets sunny and hot. We got the information about an old vulcano crater near Warrnambool - Towerhill - which contains a beautiful natur reservate with lots of Koala and Emu and Kangaroos. The rest of the day we spend driving going west to Kangaroo island. The trip was very boring: Just flat landscape, sheeps and cows. Then some sheeps, some more cows and more flat landscape. We drove along an area between 9 and 27 meters above seelevel. Sometimes there was a mountain of 38 meters. But we noticed a higher consumption of gas - about 9 liters per 100km.. we have to check this. We stayed on a campground in the middle of nowhere - Salt Creek.

04/04/20 Continued driving - nothing special.....