Who the heck is the Cisarz family?


Elke Cisarz-beach near St Barbara USA-feb 2000 Hi, I am Elke Cisarz, formaly known as Kötter.....
Before Peter made me move to the city of Frankfurt I was a kind of countrygirl - what ever you may now think this is...
I am from a small village called Altenstadt. If you donīt know where it is (I guess so):Itīs located 32 km northbynotheast of Frankfurt / Germany.
I grow up with plenty of animals like pigs, cats & dogs, doves, ducks and all the other animals you can find on a farm.
So I had a huge playground: The farmhouse with the big courtyard and the garden. Because of this background I like nature and all living things.
The first time I had vacations outside of Germany I went to Tunisia / Africa with the age of 19. I also had been to Turkey, Hawaii and one time 4 weeks to California (feb 2000).
I always wanted to learn more english and had the luck to win this 4 weeks of english-learning-vacation in the USA. It was the first price in a contest of the berlitz school. I could choose between the following destinations: Canada, California and the UK. What would have you chossen?
to be continued.....


Peter Cisarz at Cafe Stugan Arvidsjaur/Sweden - march 2003 And thats me: Peter Cisarz...... I am born in Frankfurt, grow up in the neighbourhood and moved back to Frankfurt 1985 - and I still live there, what a shame - I live in Frankfurt almost 20 years now!! Time for a change!!

Since I have a car I traveled a lot - first in Germany only, later more in France, Italy, UK, and Scandinavia - and during my study time (1994-1998) I found out that there is some more outside of Europe: Japan (1993; 1 month, 94; 3 weeks), Thailand-Myanmar-Cambodia (1995; 4 weeks), USA (1996; 11 weeks), Vietnam (1998; 3 weeks), Peru-Bolivia (1999; 3 weeks), Singapore-New Zealand(worktrip)-Hawaii (1999; 2days, 3 weeks and 2 weeks - so about 6 weeks away from home).
Because of my work I made a lot of trips around Europe and the world: To Spain (Barcelona), Itali (Dolomiten), Germany (diff. testtracks), France (near Paris), New Zealand (between Wanaka and Queenstown)and for sure Sweden. All wintertime in Arvidsjaur/Sweden - from nov. till mid April sometimes. But I love it - I guess the older you get the more you like nature - esp. when you are a guy from the "big" city - and you find a lot of pure nature around Arvidsjaur! Itīs so quiet and peacefull up there - you must see to understand!!
I work as an engineer for Continetal Teves, we develope and test (my job) brakes and electronic brakes. In the beginning I was in the serial application department and since 2½ years I work for the advanced engineering department. Here itīs not necsssary to travel that much as bevor - thatīs better if your family is important for you!


We married on march 15th 2003. But not - you bet - in the normal way as everybody does. No - we married in the north of Sweden near the polarcircle. We wanted to put something possitive against my accident I had up there in march 2001 and we didnīt want to have a stressfull wedding. So we just had my "best man" coming from Germany.

Wedding in Sweden - 2003 march 15